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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Spooks and visitors and chocolate, oh my! Halloween can be downright perilous for your pet. Keep your four-legged friends cozy and safe with these nine tips from the experts at ASPCA and PETA.



Grand Opening of a Dual Purpose Veterinary Clinic»

October 4: A short introduction to the clinic and it’s importance in the community, given by Shirley Vaughan, current President of Friends of Long Beach Animals, and Ted Stevens, Manager of Long Beach Animal Care Services will begin promptly at 10 a.m.

The Scoop Summer 2014»

Dog Days of Summer! Check out the awesome pet activities coming up July – September. Plus lots of great resources for your furry friend.

$5 Off for First-Time Grooming or $3 Off Next Grooming Visit»

Bring the coupon in for your next grooming appointment at Launderpet or Wags to Whiskers.

Sit. Stay. The Boarding and Pet Sitting Issue»

Everyone knows you and your Schnauzer are joined at the hip. But no matter how devoted the two of you are, there will come a time when you need to part.

Saloon-Style PlexiDor Pet Door»

PlexiDor is secured with lock, key and steel plate, ensures maximum energy effciency, designed for doors or walls, comes in three colors and is made in the USA.