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Pet Loss Counseling and Support Groups of Orange County»

December 20: Pet Loss Counseling and Support Groups provide therapeutic and compassionate support to assist you when saying goodbye to the pet you love.

The Scoop Fall 2014»

Check out the holiday hoopla coming up in the next three months. Plus…holiday safety tips, money-saving coupons and must-have resources. All right here!

Handy Reminder Cutout from Animal Ambulance»

Keep this cutout in your wallet, by the phone or tape it to your refrigerator for emergencies.

Sit. Stay. The Boarding and Pet Sitting Issue»

Everyone knows you and your Schnauzer are joined at the hip. But no matter how devoted the two of you are, there will come a time when you need to part.

Saloon-Style PlexiDor Pet Door»

PlexiDor is secured with lock, key and steel plate, ensures maximum energy effciency, designed for doors or walls, comes in three colors and is made in the USA.