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America’s Family Pet Expo

Make tracks for the 25th annual America’s Family Pet Expo April 25-27 at the OC Fair & Event Center! All weekend long, you’ll meet, see and interact with a show-stopping display of all creatures great and small, from rare birds, exotic reptiles, colorful fish, miniature horses and fancy felines to precocious pups. Watch for a variety of animal stage shows, features and attractions.



Pet Expo 2014»

April 25-27: The Pet Expo is a celebration of pets! Featuring pet accessories and gadgets; animal welfare organizations; pet clubs and associations; petting zoos; pony rides; and animal-centered performances.

The Scoop Spring 2014»

Check out The Scoop! It’s filled with pet travel tips and a full calendar of pet-related spring events you will not want to miss.

Free Consultation at Kind to Canines»

Offers a range of obedience training options to best suit you and your pet; from puppy socialization to problem solving, they do it all. Their in-home training program allows you to be hands-on with your dog’s training from the start.

The Emergency Rescue Issue»

Faster than your pooch can swallow a pork chop, you could be facing a pet emergency. Whether it’s choking, a run-in with a car or accidental poisoning, the vast majority of dogs and cats will experience some sort of crisis in their lifetime. How you handle it could make all the difference.

Treat a Snagged Nail»

If your pooch is suddenly limping or licking his paw, check his toes. Especially when they’re overgrown, it’s easy for dogs to snag their toenails on carpets, blankets or bushes. And that hurts.