5 Things To Do at the OC Pet Expo!

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The OC Pet Expo is almost here!

We know. Your pets are your children. And while you can’t bring them along with you to this massive event… you CAN shower them with treats, toys, and gifts from a countless amount of vendors (as far as the eye can see!)

Pet-lovers will enjoy this entertaining and educational expo dedicated to furry and not-so-furry friends. After years of being part of and visiting this incredible event, we’ve got 5 things you certainly don’t want to miss out on when you’re there.


1. Cheer for the Splash Dogs


We could spend hours standing and cheering for these dogs as they take off the dock and make a huge splash! Or sometimes, it’s just fun to watch them change their mind about jumping and they decide to just sit on the dock. Either way, this is one event you don’t want to miss out on.



2. Take Off with the Birdman


Learn about some of the coolest winged creatures you’ve ever seen with a presentation of big birds, talking birds, and birds of prey. Joe’s menagerie of birds and other animals will awe you, make you smile and make you laugh as they show you the stuff that animal actors are made of. Known as The Birdman of Las Vegas, he has been raising, training, and showing birds for over 30 years.



3. Play with Cats at the Catit Playground


The Catit Playground brings a close up, interactive cat playground for kids and parents to enjoy. This attraction allows you to get up close and personal with adorable, adoptable cats and kittens and see how they interact with different toys and people. This is a great atmosphere for you to learn all about cats and toys they like.



4. Get Your Hands Wet at the Aquatic Touch Tank


Get hands-on with horn sharks, starfish and other fascinating creatures like urchin, snails and limpets.  Are you brave enough to get your hands wet? Don’t forget to check out the Win a Betta Fish Toss booth located in the same building!



5. Meet Every Breed of Dog Ever


If your favorite dog is a loveable Lab, a jumpin’ Jack Russell, a graceful Greyhound, a sweet Sussex or a fabulous Frenchie, you will probably find one at Pet Expo. With so many breeds to consider, take the time to speak with the people representing the breeds and enjoy these dogs.



Other Activities You Can’t Miss Out On


  • Police K-9 Demonstration: These hard-working dogs definitely deserve their own stage to highlight the amazing things they do on a daily basis.
  • Kid’s Aquarium Contest: Kids create and decorate their own 10-gallon aquarium and we get to see the creative results!
  • Tortoise Petting Zoo: Spend some quality time with 20 lb.-180 lb. tortoises!


New Things We’re Looking Forward to This Year!


Sea Lion Splash: New to America’s Family Pet Expo for 2018 is the Sea Lion Splash Show; a unique mobile aquatic experience combining both marine fun and environmental education.  Sea Lion Splash Show features rescued sea lions from both California and South America.  Ready to thrill and excite an audience of all ages, the sea lions balance balls, shoot hoops, dance, shake their flippers, and even do a handstand or two.


Visit www.petexpooc.org for more information!