5 Ways to Beat the Back-to-School Blues!


Whether you’re returning to school or work, it can be a struggle for your fur baby to adjust to your new schedule. A quiet home, less time outdoors, and time alone can begin to take a toll on them (and our couches!). But lucky for us Nicole Ellis, professional dog trainer for Rover.com, shared her four tips on how you can keep your pet at ease during this back-to-school season!



  • Stay calm when you’re leaving the house. Mornings can often be hectic, and your dog can pick up on your own anxiety. Have your belongings ready to go, and share a calm goodbye to help your dog stay relaxed and avoid stress.
  • Burn off energy. A tired dog is a less destructive dog. Try a long walk, or game of fetch, before you leave in the morning to tire your pet out and minimize destructive behaviors like chewing on table legs, clawing at rugs, etc.
  • Provide interactive toys and games. Dogs need mental stimulation and exercise. Try sharing scent games, interactive puzzle toys, or leave behind a frozen Kong filled with some peanut butter and treats.
  • Schedule dog walks. Allow your dog to run and play even when you’re not around by scheduling a dog walker in your area on Rover.com.


Bonus Petsguide team tip: Leaving behind an item that has your scent (like a sock, blanket, etc.) or placing a doggie t-shirt on your pet can also help comfort them while you’re away.