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Sit. Stay. It’s the Pet Sitting and Boarding Issue!

It hurts to leave your beloved pet behind when you sail out on vacation. But it’ll hurt a lot less with Petsguide’s very special sitting and boarding issue – out now! Find great care – and perks! – while you’re away.


You’ll get tons of tips for finding a perfect sitter, sniffing out a great boarding facility, getting your pet ready, and dealing with separation anxiety – yours and his!


And don’t miss the 38 other pages packed with pet-friendly events, resources, shops, services, even bakeries. It’s free!

America’s Family Pet Expo

Make tracks for the 25th annual America’s Family Pet Expo April 25-27 at the OC Fair & Event Center! All weekend long, you’ll meet, see and interact with a show-stopping display of all creatures great and small, from rare birds, exotic reptiles, colorful fish, miniature horses and fancy felines to precocious pups. Watch for a variety of animal stage shows, features and attractions.

Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound

The Animal Health Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to helping pets and wildlife in need, is hosting its first ever “Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound” fundraiser on March 30th at Irvine Regional Park. The registration fee of $25 per person will go towards the AHF’s programs which provide financial assistance for veterinary care, disaster relief, and wildlife in need. Funding will also go towards the Caring Creatures pet therapy programs and scholarships.

Signs of Pain in Pets

Just as there are a wide variety of manifestations of pain in humans, so are there for animals. Some people tolerate dental work very stoically and honestly don’t mind it that much while the same procedure is unadulterated torture for others. Similarly, we have observed that if you cut a toe nail too short on one dog, he might simply pull his paw away while another dog might shriek so loud that an entire block will wonder what animal abuse has just taken place! Learn to read your pet’s secret signs of pain so you can find the right treatment.

Treat a Snagged Nail

If your pooch is suddenly limping or licking his paw, check his toes. Especially when they’re overgrown, it’s easy for dogs to snag their toenails on carpets, blankets or bushes. And that hurts.

The Emergency Rescue Issue

Faster than your pooch can swallow a pork chop, you could be facing a pet emergency. Whether it’s choking, a run-in with a car or accidental poisoning, the vast majority of dogs and cats will experience some sort of crisis in their lifetime. How you handle it could make all the difference.

The Emergency Rescue Issue

Don’t panic! Petsguide’s Big Emergency Rescue Issue is out this week, with everything you need to keep your cool and give your pet the best care possible, under the worst of circumstances.


Learn the signs of a true emergency, how to build a pet first-aid kit, and who to call for help. With this special issue on your bookshelf, you’ll know how to track down a lost pet fast, fix a snagged nail, stop a dog fight, de-stink a pooch that’s been skunked and more!

Protect Your Pet’s Teeth

They’re not just for chewing shoes — your dog’s teeth are important to his health and happiness. VCA West Los Angeles shared their top 10 tips for protecting your pet’s pearly whites.

Petsguide to Health and Wellness

There’s no escaping the headlines nudging us to get in shape.And it turns out we aren’t the only ones battling the bulge. Even our pooches have paunches.

The Health & Wellness Issue is Here!

Run, don’t walk, to your local pet shop this week to snag your copy of the summer/fall Petsguide. It’s hot off the presses!
And we have breaking news: Did you know that most dogs and cats are overweight?
Our first-ever Health & Wellness edition tells you exactly how much food and exercise your pet needs, plus fun new ideas for romping around (they involve sheep!) We also have 10 Top Tips for giving your pet a long and happy life.

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