Breed-Specific Rescue Groups

Abandoned Terrier Rescue Assoc.
Mostly rescues wire-fox terriers.
Adopt-A-Saint        (949) 295-3641
Afghan Hound Rescue of So. Cal.       (909) 305-0552
Akita Angels
Alaskan Klee Kai National Rescue
American Black and Tan Coon Hound Rescue
American Maltese Rescue        (707) 964-4592
ARA Canine Rescue Inc.         (951) 532-0491
Rescues and places huskies.
Aussie Rescue SoCal, Inc.
Basset Hound Rescue of So. Cal.         (949) 484-9065
Bichon FurKids Rescue
Border Collie Rescues
Border Collie Rescue, Border Collies in Need,
Boston Buddies        (310) 364-4543
Boxer Rescue LA         (310) 862-0044
Camp Cocker Rescue         (800) 431-5911
Dachshund Rescues
So. Cal. Dachshund Relief, (562) 694-6868, Dachshund Paws and Pals Rescue, Dachshund Rescue and Placement, Dachshund Rescue of LA,
English Springer Rescue America
French Bulldog Rescue Network
German Shepherd Rescues
Also see Coastal German Shepherd Rescue and German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County listed in this section. German Shepherd Safe Haven, (949) 363-5254, Westside German Shepherd Rescue,
Great Pyrenees Association So. Cal.         (909) 887-8201
Greyhound Rescues
CalGAP, Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue, Grey Save, Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation,
Labrador Rescues
Calif. Labradors Retrievers and More Rescue, (858) 273-5386, Labradors and Friends, Labrador Rescuers, (619) 819-0234, So. Cal. Labrador Retriever Rescue, (888) 554-ALAB,
Leonberger Rescue Pals        (866) 757-7257
Maltese Rescue California
Miniature Schnauzer and Friends Rescue
OCPoundHounds Small Breed Rescue
Pomeranian and papillon.
Old English Sheepdog Rescue          (310) 392-3366
Orange County Pit Bull Rescue
Pei People Shar Pei Rescue
Pug Rescues
Pug Nation Rescue of LA, (310) 327-7871, Pugs ‘n Pals, (949) 262-7843,
Retrievers and Friends of So. Cal.         (951) 696-2428
Russell Rescue California
Scottish Terrier Club of California        (714) 893-5821
Shiba Rescues
Saving Shibas, Shiba Club of So. Cal.,
So. Cal. Bull Terrier Rescue          (818) 594-4177
So. Cal. Bulldog Rescue           (714) 612-0265
So. Cal. Golden Retriever Rescue         (866) 299-1899
Southland Collie Rescue
(949) 858-0298, Orange County; and (310) 366-5573, Los Angeles.
Southland Sheltie Rescue         (562) 697-9784
United Yorkie Rescue
Westie Rescue of OC and Beyond (all of California)