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The Guardian Campaign

In Defense of Animals (IDA) sponsors campaigns, including “The Guardian Campaign,” to increase awareness of pet adoption, decrease animal abuse and abandonment and change society?s language of companion animals from pet ?owners? to ?guardians.? You can become involved by creating a new chapter in your city. (415) 388-9641, Ext. 225.

Paws 4 Healing

Non-profit, all volunteer organization. Members and registered pets provide animal-assisted therapy for assisted-living and convalescent homes, hospitals, schools and shelters. E-mail: (714) 542-9433.

National Cat Protection Society

Cat lovers wanted! Volunteers are needed to spend time playing, grooming, and socializing cats and kittens. Children are welcome to volunteer when accompanied by an adult.?School and community group tours are also offered. Call for requirements. 6904 W. Coast Highway, Newport Beach. (949) 650-1232.

Doggy-and-Me Trail Hikes

The City of Fullerton recreation department offers a one-day course ($18) to introduce you to hiking with your dog. All participants must be able to walk between one to two miles. Dogs must be current on their shots and at least one year old. (714) 738-6317

Comfortis: Month-long Chewable Tablet Flea Protection

? Comfortis: Month-long Chewable Tablet Flea Protection In the recent 8th Annual Holistic Veterinary Medicine Symposium, Dr. Doug Coward and his colleagues discussed the prevention and treatment of cancer in pets. Dr. Coward maintains that preventive measures can be done to increase a pet’s longevity that include avoiding the toxins found in some commercially made […]

Bow-Wow Popcorn

Don’t want to share your salty snack? Get your pet their own batch of? “the fun treat that dogs love to eat? in flavors such as Crisp Bacon, Roasted Chicken and Roast Beef. Meowee Wowee organic catnip also available. Bow-Wow Popcorn was created by the same person who made the Dog Sitter Video (a video […]

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg!

Six simple tips to keep your dog from begging!

D-I-Y Dog Training!

How about getting the whole family?especially the kids?involved in training the dog? Local recreation departments offer low-cost training classes in four to six-week sessions. Classes include ?Frisbee Fun For Dogs,? ?Crash Course in Basic Canine Manners,? ?Puppy Kindergarten? and? ?Help! My Dog is Driving Me Crazy.? See ?Dog Sports,? ?Training? and ?Trails? in Petsguide to […]

Sit Ubu, Sit!

The most common trick to teach a dog is “sit.” Simply hold a treat in your fingers and put it near your dog’s nose and slightly backward (toward the tail). As the dog watches the treat go back over his head, his rear end should naturally go down. When his rear end hits the floor, […]

Housetraining 101

If your pup has an accident indoors and you catch him in the act of eliminating, do something to interrupt him and immediately take him to his bathroom spot. Don?t punish, as animals don?t understand punishment after the fact, even if it?s only seconds later. Also, clean the soiled area thoroughly. Puppies are likely to […]

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