Therapy & Rehabilitation

Therapy and rehabilitation, such as massage, chiropractic and/or holistic alternative medicine for dogs, cats, small animals and horses.

B & B Pharmacy – Compounding & Health Center

Having trouble giving your pet their medicines? Custom-designed to fit your pet’s individual needs and size, B & B Pharmacy tailors dosages.

Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC)

Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC) is a specialty clinic aimed at helping pets live longer, healthier lives by treating them using a holistic approach utilizing both Eastern and Western medicine techniques.

Canine Chiropractic Care

Many of your pet’s everyday activities and injuries can cause the spinal bones to lose their normal position or normal motion, which may ultimately alter your pet’s health and/or cause pain.

Integrative Veterinary Health Center

Dr. Woods has specialized in alternative veterinary medicine for 20 years.

More Therapy and Rehab Centers

Most centers offer exercise programs, therapeutic massage, laser therapy, magnetic and pulsed signal therapy, and more.

Terri Steuben

Animal communicator Terri Steuben has the gift of medical intuition that allows her to feel where animals are experiencing pain or discomfort in their bodies.

Tranquil Pet, Canine Aquatics & Holistic Healing

Tranquil Pet specializes in warm-water swimming your elderly, arthritic, overweight, pre/post surgical dog, as well as for fun and fitness.

VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center

Does your pet suffer from problems such as paralysis, allergies, pain or other conditions? Acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicines and laser therapy can often benefit pets with these and other conditions, offered at VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center.