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Petsguide 2020

What your pet wants you to know: the difference between rescues and shelters, what to do if you have lost or found an animal, what you should know before surrendering your pet, animal emergency support and services, plus lots of resources guaranteed to improve the life of your pet.

Petsguide Summer/Fall 2019

Petsguide Summer/Fall issue is loaded with Orange County, Long Beach and Southern California’s best dog parks and beaches, pet sitters, adoption and rescue organizations, emergency hospitals, veterinarians, low-cost spay and neuter, pet events and lot more.

Petsguide Winter/Spring 2018/19

Your most perplexing pet questions are answered in this issue by vets, trainers, nutritionists, groomers and more. Plus tons of resources for your pets, from emergency services to dog parks and pet shops.

Petsguide Summer/Fall 2018

Celebrate your Dog with 9 ways to pamper your pooch. Plus, the best pet resources in Southern California, from pet sitting and boarding to dog parks and training.

Petsguide Winter/Spring 2017-18

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Petsguide Summer/Fall 2017

The Kids & Pet Issue. How to find – and care for – a BFF for the whole family.

Petsguide Winter/Spring 2016/17

The Cat Issue: Cat Care Basics, Litter Box Hacks, Training Tips & Lots More!

Petsguide Summer/Fall 2016

Petsguide’s Ultimutt Dog Park issue tells you exactly where to GO for outdoor adventures, plus what to bring, dog park do’s and don’ts, and 40 pages jam-packed with all the pet resources you really need.

Petsguide Winter Spring Issue 2015/16

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Petsguide Summer Fall 2015

40 pages filled with 500+ local pet resources, plus a fun quiz to debunk common pet myths.