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Petsguide Summer/Fall 2018

Celebrate your Dog with 9 ways to pamper your pooch. Plus, the best pet resources in Southern California, from pet sitting and boarding to dog parks and training.

Petsguide Winter/Spring 2017-18

View or dowload the new issue here.

Petsguide Summer/Fall 2017

The Kids & Pet Issue. How to find – and care for – a BFF for the whole family.

Petsguide Winter/Spring 2016/17

The Cat Issue: Cat Care Basics, Litter Box Hacks, Training Tips & Lots More!

Petsguide Summer/Fall 2016

Petsguide’s Ultimutt Dog Park issue tells you exactly where to GO for outdoor adventures, plus what to bring, dog park do’s and don’ts, and 40 pages jam-packed with all the pet resources you really need.

Petsguide Winter Spring Issue 2015/16

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Petsguide Summer Fall 2015

40 pages filled with 500+ local pet resources, plus a fun quiz to debunk common pet myths.

Petsguide Winter/Spring 2014-15

Winter/Spring issue of Petsguide Magazine is all about giving back to the pets that give us so much.

Petsguide Summer Fall 2014

View the digital issue here.

Petsguide Winter/Spring 2013-14

View this awesome issue here!

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