Check out our adoptable pets

At Petsguide we offer various resources for your pets needs and now we’re introducing an adoptable pets section, which will focus on helping animals that are waiting to find a home.

There are over 1,000 animals in the LA county shelters in need. We invite you to send us animals that you know are in need so we can work on finding them a home.

Most adoption and rescue organizations need foster families and will provide for the needs of the animals, including food and medical care. Help a pet at no expense, with no permanent commitment.

If we can help these pets even find a foster home, we will maximize the number of animals rescued and saved.  Now you have an opportunity to help save these adoptable pets. Click here to find additional resources on adoption and rescue.


Meet Toby

Toby3_1214_626 (1)

Meet Toby, a 3 year old darling boy who was born with a deformed front leg, on the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County website.

He doesn’t let his ‘uniqueness’ slow him down one bit.  Toby loves other dogs and even cats. He is housebroken and well mannered.  He has a customized prosthetic leg, but he really doesn’t care too much for it, so he only wears it on ‘special occasions.’ Toby will make a wonderful addition to any family that can see past his physical limitation to focus on his gentle and loving spirit.  To learn more about Toby, please visit the website and contact for more information.  You won’t be disappointed!



Meet Ellie


Meet Ellie, a female German Shepherd about 3-5 years old, who is on the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue website.

Ellie has never met a person she didn’t adore. She is good with kids and a super smart girl. She completed basic obedience training and proved to be a quick study. Although she can be in a group, surrounded by other dogs, she is not a huge fan of dogs in her face and would prefer to be the only dog in the household. She walks well on a leash and responds fantastically to leadership, but can sometimes get overly excited, as she’s still so young, and a little jumpy. She loves you and is not afraid to show it!