Petsguide is the most comprehensive directory for local pet business and pet resources. Browse the directory categories below to find everything from pet food and supplies to dog whisperers.

Adoption & Rescue

Agencies that offer rescued pets for adoption and/or referrals for adoption. Many organizations have pictures of available pets on their website. An application process is required prior to adoption. Most animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Many organizations also provide rescue services, including owner surrenders (also see Pet Assistance), and volunteer opportunities, such as pet foster homes and adoption events. Also see: the Calendar for adoption events and Shelters.

Adoption Events

Find adoption events hosted by local rescues.

Animal Communicator

An individual who uses intuitive methods to communicate with pets.


Retail stores offering a variety of birds and supplies, plus bird-only clinics and a sanctuary rescue. Also see: Pet Shops & Boutiques.

Career Training

Opportunity for an animal-related career.


Feline adoption, rescue, boarding and veterinary clinics, plus information on what to do if you find a feral cat. Also see your area of interest as services for cats are listed throughout Petsguide.

Clubs & Social Groups

Pet-related social networking, activities and clubs.

Day & Overnight Care

Day and overnight care for dogs, cats and other pets, in your own home or at a facility. For care at a boarding facility, always inquire about qualifications, check references and ask for a tour. For in-home care, verify that sitters and dog walkers are bonded, insured and members of professional associations, such as Pet Sitters International and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters; some may be animal-CPR and first-aid certified. Always check their qualifications and references.

Dog Sports & Fitness

Dog-sport classes and clinics. Also see: Parks, Beaches and Trails for places to take your dog and Training Programs, including city recreation departments for sports classes.

Emergency Resources

Emergency services and resources for all animals. Also see: Adoption and Rescue, End-of-Life, and Veterinary Services.


Cremation, burial, hospice and euthanasia services, plus pet loss and bereavement support groups and counseling. Also see: Emergency Resources, Pet Assistance and Mobile Vets listed under Veterinary Services.


Grooming services, plus DIY groomers. DIY groomers offer supplies including aprons, nail-trimming implements, ear-cleaning tools, flea control, anti-shedding treatments, dryers, brushes, combs, and various shampoos and conditioners; additional fees may apply.

Identification & Licensing

Resources for microchips, GPS collars and pet tags for identification, including information about where and how to license your pet.

Lost/Found Pets and What To Do If You Cannot Keep Your Pet

Information about what to do if you find a pet or lose your own, plus what to do if you can no longer keep your pet.

Nutrition & Health

Businesses specializing in pet health and nutrition products. Also see: Pet Shops and Boutiques.

Parks, Beaches and Trails

Dog parks require that your dogs are current on vaccinations and that you clean up after your dogs. When visiting a leash-free dog park, keep them on leash before you go into the park and when you exit, and do not bring female dogs in heat. City and regional parks allow leashed dogs on trails and throughout other recreation areas. Park websites list additional rules and regulations. Trail use requires that all dogs must be on a leash no longer than six feet. Many trails are shared by equestrians, bicyclists and pedestrians. Unless otherwise noted, no water or waste bags are provided, please trek with your dogs prepared and bring your own supplies. Also see Dog Sports and Fitness and Training Programs. Note: Check water conditions at dog beaches at, they also have an app for smart phones.


Party supplies, plus baked goods. Also see: Pet Shops & Boutiques.

Pet Assistance

Low-cost spay/neuter services, vaccinations and microchips as well as medical, financial and legal assistance or referrals. Also see: Calendar for additional low-cost clinics.

Pet Shops & Boutiques

Retail stores providing food and supplies for animals. Also see: Birds, Reptiles, and Cats.

Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

In-home pet sitting and dog walking services. Home care, such as switching on and off lights and watering plants, is often included. Dog field trips to parks or beaches can be included with sitting services. Also see: "Boarding & Day Care."


Photographers specializing in pet portraiture.

Poop Removal

Animal waste-removal services, primarily for dogs and cats. Costs for services vary depending on number and species of animals and frequency of service.


Petsguide’s featured Pet products & services.

Reptiles & Exotics

Rescues and retail stores that offer a variety of exotic reptiles, amphibians and supplies. Also see: Pet Shops & Boutiques.

Service & Therapy Animals

Programs and organizations that sponsor and/or train service or therapy animals.


Government, non-profit or private animal shelters, commonly called “the pound,” provide shelter and care for stray, lost or abandoned animals. All shelters offer healthy animals for adoption; there is usually a fee. Most provide pictures of adoptable and found/stray animals on their website. Animals are kept at the shelter until claimed by their owners; adopted to new owners; placed with a rescue or adoption organization; or euthanized. Most shelters accept animals from residents of specific cities only. For animal control services, including found/stray animals, see Emergency Resources. Also see Adoption and Rescue, for rescues that accept owner-relinquished pets or animals from the public. Note: Shelters fall into two categories: open or limited admission. An “open admission” facility accepts animals from animal control and the public no matter the circumstance. “Limited admission” facilities have restrictions on incoming animals brought in by the public; however, they accept any animals brought to them by animal control. Most shelters practice euthanasia for a variety of reasons and circumstances. There are few true no-kill facilities. All shelters work with rescue groups, sanctuaries and other animal-welfare organizations to find families for homeless animals. If you can no longer take care of your pet or if you found or lost a pet, see Emergency Resources for tips on what to do. If you are concerned about the life of an animal, ask about the shelter’s policy before you take the animal in. Many adoption and rescue organizations offer advice and/or referrals about found/lost/stray animals (see Adoption and Rescue for a list of organizations).

Taxi Service

Pet shuttle services. Also see: “Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers.”

Therapy & Rehabilitation

Therapy and rehabilitation, such as massage, chiropractic and/or holistic alternative medicine for dogs, cats, small animals and horses.

Training Programs

Behavior training for dogs. Also see Dog Sports & Fitness and Parks, Beaches and Trails for places to take your dog.

Veterinary Services

Veterinary services, clinics and hospitals offering care and specialized treatment pertaining to specific animals or fields of medicine. Also see: Emergency Resources, End-of-Life, Pet Assistance and Therapy & Rehabilitation.