iFetch The Automatic Ball Launcher

Check out your best friend’s new best friend!

Your furry friends will have a mighty good time with iFetch.

Pet parents will get an even bigger delight when canine companions learn to load the iFetch themselves!

Check out the video on their website: goifetch.com

iFetch is an innovative exercise and entertainment toy for small to medium sized dogs that automatically shoots a miniature ball, allowing dogs to fetch and return on their own or together with you. it powers up only when the ball is dropped into the launcher, providing ease of use and energy savings. There are three adjustable launch distances of 10, 20 or 30 feet to efficiently accommodate the size of the play area. Primarily designed for indoor play in small spaces, iFetch can also make outdoor playtime fun and exciting for all dogs. iFetch allows the dog to play on its own, this remedies the problem and guilt of pet owners not having enough time to play with their dog.

All dogs need at least 30 minutes of daily exercise and mental stimulation and iFetch provides both in an easy and effective manner.

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