Our Top 5 DIY Pet Costumes!


What’s better than the king-sized candy bars your neighbor gives out every year? Dressing up your pet! And because we’re suckers for adorable pets, we’ve put together our 5 favorite pet costumes that are super easy to create at home!


1. The French Chef:French-Chef

This is the perfect time for you to irritate your cat even further (because when don’t we?) and it couldn’t be easier to achieve. All you need is a little elbow grease and these directions from HGTV!


2. The CBO (Chief Barking Officer): Business-Man

For this DIY, hit the local thrift store and pick up an old button up with a tie. Then, get creative! HGTV does it again with these easy to follow instructions and totally Instagram worthy results!


3. Your Furry Sidekick: Furry-Sidekick

Dressing up as a super hero? Why not take your loyal sidekick? For this DIY, you need a little felt from the dollar store, some elastic, and a glue gun. Measure the size of your mask and use a white pencil to sketch it out on the felt. All you have to do is cut it out, glue on the elastic, and place it on your adorable, but totally fierce, fur baby!


4. The Creature from Pup Lagoon: dog-monster

Think you’re not skilled enough for a DIY? Think again! This monster project is actually perfect for beginners, only takes a few hours to put together, and can be practically FREE!


5. Harry Dogger:Harry-Potter-Dog-Costume1

Take the job of the sorting hat into your own hands and decide which house your fur baby will go to! All Free Holiday Crafts does the rest, and teaches you how to make the shirt, cape, and glasses with this easy Halloween craft!


Happy Howl-o-ween Petsguiders. Don’t forget to share your pet costume photos with us by using the #petsguidemagazine! We’d love to see them!