Staff Picks! Our Favorite Pet Products!


If you haven’t guessed already, we love our fur babies here at Petsguide headquarters. And even though we are in a perpetual battle of cat vs. dog, we can always agree that money spent on our pets is money well spent! Without further adieu, here are our favorite picks for our four-legged besties!




1. Tiffany: tifffav

“One of our two dogs —Roxy— can be a piggy, and try to eat her lil’ brother Boo’s meals. Because of that, we obviously can’t leave food out for them to graze on all day (Boo would never get to eat!) so we offer our dogs food at breakfast time and dinner time. In between those two meals, we like to put the dog food bowls away. We love the idea of the drawer bowls that can slide back in to your kitchen cabinetry or, if custom cabinetry isn’t an option, Pet Utopia offers a small piece of furniture in a variety of wood stains to match your decor, which offers a similar solution!”


2. Rebecca:IMG_3069

“I love cat condos because it gives your cat something to climb on, scratch, and play with besides your own furniture—always a hair away from becoming a scratching post. Instead of my little Luna climbing the fridge, sitting in the sink, biting our cords, or getting lost in our TV entertainment center, she’s distracted by her own little condo that has various places for her to get lost in. She can hide her toys, and scratch to her hearts content—it’s a win-win for all of us!”


3. Becca: IMG_20170130_130925_299

“Because my family is constantly doing something outdoors, we always make sure to carry a large bottle of water and a collapsible water bowl for our four-legged babies. Otherwise my larger one, Maia, thinks the ocean is a good place to drink from (totally gets that from her dad), and my little one, Obbie, won’t have anything to drink until we get home. Let’s just say neither one of those equals a good time out. We find ours at Target, Petco, and even Marshalls or TJ Maxx at times.”


4. Liz:IMG_1755

“Meet Franny – Barker and Escape Artist. She has wriggled out of more harnesses than Harry Houdini and David Blaine combined…except this one –– The Buddy Belt––my staff pick.  Franny with her signature Doxie (T-rex) short arms cannot get out of this uniquely shaped contraption.  It’s a bit pricey, but well made.  One hint: the leather does stretch so do not buy it on the large size.”