6 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe from the Heat

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With temperatures soaring, don’t forget about your furry best friend! Check out these must-know tips to make sure your pets are safe.

1. Provide Plenty of Shade & Water

Protect your pets from the sun’s rays and keep them hydrated.


2. Go for Morning or Evening Walks

Avoid walking your dog in the middle of the day. Remember, if the ground is too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for their bare paws.


3. Never Leave Your Dog in the Car

Never leave a pet in the car, even with a cracked window. If you see a dog in distress and can’t find it’s owner, California law states that you are legally allowed to break into the car to rescue the dog – as long as you call the authorities FIRST. You’ll be expected to wait with the dog until an authority arrives to the scene.


4. Limit Exercise

Don’t encourage playful pets to over exert themselves in the heat.


5. Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

Excessive panting, discolored gums, and mobility issues are all signs of heat stroke. Seek veterinary care immediately, do not “wait and see.”


6. Do Not Shave Double-Coated Breeds

Don’t be fooled by all that fur, it actually keeps your dog cool. Think of it like this – that fur adds a layer of protection from the direct sun just like a t-shirt would protect our bare skin. Shaving should only be done for medical reasons.


Read more about keeping your pets safe from the heat with this super helpful infographic from GladDogsNation.com.