A Smart Start in the New Year

The winter/spring issue is out this week, and ready to help with all DIY pet care.
Petsguide Magazine Online
Dec. 21, 2009

We kick off the New Year with a can-do attitude! The winter/spring issue is devoted entirely to Do-It-Yourself pet care – just the thing for pet parents who’ve pondered letting the pros handle it or taking matters into their own capable hands.

In his feature article, writer Steve Lowery calls for a return to basics. It’s timely and handy in this economy, not to mention just good know-how. We’re talking about doggy baths, training, upholstery and carpet cleaning (post-pet “accident”), and even how to bake delicious pet treats the most discriminating pooch would approve.

To learn how to properly implement the how-to’s, Lowery turned to the experts: trainers, groomers and vets. The advice they give for our collective consideration is straightforward, and will go a long way in solving simple problems at home, not to mention help you keep your pet in tip-top shape.

Tips throughout the magazine help you get a better read on animal behavior. You’ll learn how to throw a groovy pet party and gauge a cat’s mood based on their tails (a tail raised high and straight is a friendly greeting, while a rhythmic side-to-side swishing denotes mild agitation). There also friendly reminders urging creative types to consider non-toxic materials when they embark on pet projects, and 35 fun facts to boost your trivia knowledge.

And, of course, expect Petsguide’s signature directory, a comprehensive listing of pet care providers, organizations and cool products you can find in Orange County and Long Beach metro area. You’ll also find more than 50 discounts and coupons. Visit this site regularly to learn about and enter exciting giveaway contests that will be held throughout the year. And if you find yourself in need of a Petsguide fix, consider signing up for our monthly e-letter, The Scoop, for a regular dose of all things pet-related.

Pick up your own copy of Petsguide Winter/Spring 2010 at your local pet-friendly establishments, or contact the Petsguide offices to have one mailed to you.