A Special Look

At Puppy Shop Boys, grooming and bathing are essential to a healthy pet. See how they pamper your pet to look and feel their best.
Petsguide Magazine Online
June 25, 2010

Whether it’s a trim your pet needs or full-on styling, Puppy Shop Boys has a complete menu of grooming services that’ll to please the stylish pet parents and pamper a cherished pet.

Prices are based on your dog’s size, as well as their coat condition when they come in for their appointment.

Starting at less than $25, Bath and Brush service includes use of premium tearless shampoo and conditioner. Pooches also get treated to a soothing full-body and face massage, blow-drying and brushing, and even a nails/ears/anal glands check. For an extra $5, you can also add a light trim to the service to give your pet that added polished look.

Feel like going all out? Puppy Shop’s style mavens can make your dog look and feel fabulous in a styling session ($45 and up) customized to their specific breed or mix. The styling package includes bath and brush services, plus skilled hand-scissoring, trim, clipping and finishing. Styles range from the traditional (and adorable) Teddy Bear, to adventurous mohawk and colorful pet-safe dye jobs (additional $25 charge), and Puppy Shop Boys’ own creation, the Lion Cut. (To see some of their work, browse the Poochie Gallery.)

Puppy Shop’s entire line of dog grooming services are available daily, by appointment. To learn about additional services, visit www.puppyshopboys.com or call (714) 641-1717. Puppy Shop Boys is at 688 Baker St. #5, Costa Mesa.