Publisher’s Note

We’re pulling tricks out of our hat! And by hat, we mean the pages of Petsguide;  and by tricks, we mean tricks of the trade.

Throughout the year, we talk to hundreds of pet experts in a variety of fields and thought it would be wonderful if they shared some of their trade secrets with our readers.

We sent out editorial writer Steve Lowery––with magic hat and wand in hand––to talk to these folks to find out the tricks they pull out of their hats each day when they are grooming, training, photographing…even picking up you know what!

He worked his magic and found: Cheap Tricks to get cats from scratching furniture using tape and aluminum foil; Tricks with Treats, that brushing your dog (which they love) is the best way to begin a bath; Tricks are for Kids, photo tips that are just that easy!––even Trick Questions––how do you walk your dog and not have her burn the neighbor’s grass when she pees? These tricks and more are addressed in our quick solutions to common problems in the editorial.

We have a feeling you have a few tricks up your sleeve, too. And, we’re willing to pay for them! You send us the tricks you find to be tried and true, and we’ll post them on our website and enter you in a contest to win a free grooming, pet supplies or a meal at a pet-friendly restaurant. For details click here.

The winter-spring issue also includes new after-hours vets, dog sports (Treibball––soccer for dogs!), coupons, hundreds of updated listings, plus warm, fuzzy ways to help pets in need by donating food and blankets––click here for details.

Liz Davis