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A Tail-Thumpin’ Good Time

Featured Sponsor: America’s Family Pet Expo

The world’s largest consumer pet expo returns to Orange County on April 16-18! Grander than ever, the public event boasts family-friendly entertainment, educational demonstrations, pet shows, and the debut of its Equine Entertainment & Attractions. Gain some important insights into the companion pet industry as you meet and learn about all things pet from product manufacturers and retailers, veterinarians, groomers, and humane rescue organizations.

Can You Over-Walk Your Dog?

Dog walking is a healthy, daily ritual with physical and mental benefits. However, what’s good for a full-grown German Shepherd isn’t necessarily ideal for a Pomeranian or a puppy. We spoke with American Kennel Club spokeswoman and pet advice columnist Lisa Peterson about dog- and puppy-walking in the city, at the beach and why age actually matters.

Cool Giveaway – March Contest

We’ve gone mad….with safety! Share your pet safety tips and/or favorite pet products for Petsguide’s March Contest. Up for grabs is your very own BatziBelt, the veterinarian-recommended seat belt for pets.

Cool Giveaway – January Contest

Think your furry baby is fit to be a pin-up dog? Send in your pet photos to enter in this month’s giveaway. The prize: a self-contained gallery of canine portraits, the 2010 Page-A-Day DOG Calendar.

Pet Smarts: Do-It-Yourself Pet Care

In this episode of Petsguide, in this time of our country and economy, we thought it a good idea to get back to basics. How to wash a dog. How to brush their teeth. How to take care of this and that.

A Smart Start in the New Year

We kick off the New Year with a can-do attitude! The winter/spring issue is devoted entirely to Do-It-Yourself pet care – just the thing for pet parents who’ve pondered letting the pros handle it or taking matters into their own capable hands. Writer Steve Lowery turns to the experts to learn how to properly implement tasks such as dog baths, maintaining your carpet and furniture upholstery after a pet “accident” and even how to concoct a delicious homemade treat – all without turning your home upside-down.

Before the Festivities, Safety First

Before you and your family go on your merrymaking way, remember that yuletide celebrations bring with them potential hazards to your pet. Luckily, you won’t have to worry as long as you keep the following tips in mind.

What’s in their stocking?

‘Tis the season to give! We review some neat gifts for dogs and cats, from indestructible chew toys to eco-friendly napping mats. And before you purchase your next pet product – food, toys, and the like – know which to avoid with some help from two consumer protection organizations.

Three Things To Remember

The growing pet industry, along with its luxury and holistic product niches, is an indication of how much we dote on our furry children. Pet expert Arden Moore has a friendly reminder for pet parents who love to spoil.

Pet Dining and Health, All Natural

Natural pet care products are My Hanks Depot’s specialty, while their expertise is the best application of holistic care. This one-stop online shop features a variety of all-natural food, vitamin and dental products for dogs, cats and horses.

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