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Bag It, Pac It, Trash It

Durable and lightweight, easy on the eyes and budget, PoopPac offers a solution for discretely cleaning up after your pet while in public.

Keep Your Dogz Kool

Hot dog! Here’s something to keep yours cool – Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker for those dog days of summer.

Dog-tivities: Things To Do With Your Pet

When the adventurous and creative, not to mention the culinary, have gone mainstream, it’s given us numerous things to do with our dogs, things that range from sporty to shapely to fun and everything in between.

A Special Look

At Puppy Shop Boys, good grooming is essential to a healthy pet. Learn what kind of pampering this Costa Mesa-based pet boutique lavishes on pets sitting in their groomers’ chairs.

Fetch This!

Summer/fall Petsguide is here! In this issue, we focus on the power and benefits of play – conventional and unusual ways to bond with your pet, and why the mainstreaming of the creative and adventurous has helped play has evolved into something more meaningful, and, ultimately mutually healthy for you both. Writer Steve Lowery offers some ideas for you to consider.

True Blue

Talk about a new spin on the phrase “true blue” friend! “Canine Colors” author Letitia Fox and canine expert Penny Scott-Fox pooled their backgrounds pooled their backgrounds in canine behavior and canine behavior and personality temperament to create a color-based personality system for pets and pet-owners.

Can You Over-Walk Your Dog?

Dog walking is a healthy, daily ritual with physical and mental benefits. However, what’s good for a full-grown German Shepherd isn’t necessarily ideal for a Pomeranian or a puppy. We spoke with American Kennel Club spokeswoman and pet advice columnist Lisa Peterson about dog- and puppy-walking in the city, at the beach and why age actually matters.

Pet Smarts: Do-It-Yourself Pet Care

In this episode of Petsguide, in this time of our country and economy, we thought it a good idea to get back to basics. How to wash a dog. How to brush their teeth. How to take care of this and that.

A Smart Start in the New Year

We kick off the New Year with a can-do attitude! The winter/spring issue is devoted entirely to Do-It-Yourself pet care – just the thing for pet parents who’ve pondered letting the pros handle it or taking matters into their own capable hands. Writer Steve Lowery turns to the experts to learn how to properly implement tasks such as dog baths, maintaining your carpet and furniture upholstery after a pet “accident” and even how to concoct a delicious homemade treat – all without turning your home upside-down.

What’s in their stocking?

‘Tis the season to give! We review some neat gifts for dogs and cats, from indestructible chew toys to eco-friendly napping mats. And before you purchase your next pet product – food, toys, and the like – know which to avoid with some help from two consumer protection organizations.