Cool Pet Stuff

Things you didn’t know you wanted to know.

True Blue

Talk about a new spin on the phrase “true blue” friend! “Canine Colors” author Letitia Fox and canine expert Penny Scott-Fox pooled their backgrounds pooled their backgrounds in canine behavior and canine behavior and personality temperament to create a color-based personality system for pets and pet-owners.

What’s in their stocking?

‘Tis the season to give! We review some neat gifts for dogs and cats, from indestructible chew toys to eco-friendly napping mats. And before you purchase your next pet product – food, toys, and the like – know which to avoid with some help from two consumer protection organizations.

Pet Dining and Health, All Natural

Natural pet care products are My Hanks Depot’s specialty, while their expertise is the best application of holistic care. This one-stop online shop features a variety of all-natural food, vitamin and dental products for dogs, cats and horses.

A Leg Up For Your Pet

Does your pet need a helping paw? Pet Ramps USA has just the thing for the small, elderly or post-surgery pet that has trouble accessing high places like your bed, the car or the sofa.

Who says Traveling Has To Be ‘Ruff’ On Your Pet?

Oh, my, what creature comforts! DSPY Dog has the active pet and pet-owner in mind when it comes to its fantastic product line of functional yet ├╝ber-comfortable beds, clothing and stylish harnesses.

This Bud?s for You!

Humans have between 9,000 and 10,000 taste buds. Guess how many tastebuds your pet has? Click here.


Don’t give sweets to your furry sweetheart this season.

Poop Freeze

Of all the unique products we have come across, Poop Freeze tops our list. This emergency pet product is perfect for that un-housebroken puppy or kitten, as well as the older pet that has occasional accidents. It’s a specially formulated aerosal freeze spray that forms a frosty film on pet poop, hardening the surface for […]

Toliet Training for Cats

Did you know that you can toilet-train your cat in as little as three weeks?

Doggy-and-Me Trail Hikes

The City of Fullerton recreation department offers a one-day course ($18) to introduce you to hiking with your dog. All participants must be able to walk between one to two miles. Dogs must be current on their shots and at least one year old. (714) 738-6317