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Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound

The Animal Health Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to helping pets and wildlife in need, is hosting its first ever “Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound” fundraiser on March 30th at Irvine Regional Park. The registration fee of $25 per person will go towards the AHF’s programs which provide financial assistance for veterinary care, disaster relief, and wildlife in need. Funding will also go towards the Caring Creatures pet therapy programs and scholarships.

Signs of Pain in Pets

Just as there are a wide variety of manifestations of pain in humans, so are there for animals. Some people tolerate dental work very stoically and honestly don’t mind it that much while the same procedure is unadulterated torture for others. Similarly, we have observed that if you cut a toe nail too short on one dog, he might simply pull his paw away while another dog might shriek so loud that an entire block will wonder what animal abuse has just taken place! Learn to read your pet’s secret signs of pain so you can find the right treatment.

Help Carmichael Find a Home!

Who could resist those big, brown eyes? Meet Carmichael, an adoptable pet rescued by Basset Rescue of Southern California. Petsguide is helping BRSC find a fur-ever home for this sweet 7 1/2-year-old boy. Do you have room in your home for this hound? Read on to learn more about him.

Lost or Found?

Losing your pet can be the worst feeling. But, would you know what to do if you found someone else’s best friend? For those who feel they’ve done all they can without avail, take heart: Petsguide has additional tips for those who misplaced their pet, as well as for those who can make joyful reunions a reality. Read on to learn about humane groups’ additional services and how to locate no-kill shelters that can care for a lost pet.

Fetch This!

Summer/fall Petsguide is here! In this issue, we focus on the power and benefits of play – conventional and unusual ways to bond with your pet, and why the mainstreaming of the creative and adventurous has helped play has evolved into something more meaningful, and, ultimately mutually healthy for you both. Writer Steve Lowery offers some ideas for you to consider.

Can You Over-Walk Your Dog?

Dog walking is a healthy, daily ritual with physical and mental benefits. However, what’s good for a full-grown German Shepherd isn’t necessarily ideal for a Pomeranian or a puppy. We spoke with American Kennel Club spokeswoman and pet advice columnist Lisa Peterson about dog- and puppy-walking in the city, at the beach and why age actually matters.

A Smart Start in the New Year

We kick off the New Year with a can-do attitude! The winter/spring issue is devoted entirely to Do-It-Yourself pet care – just the thing for pet parents who’ve pondered letting the pros handle it or taking matters into their own capable hands. Writer Steve Lowery turns to the experts to learn how to properly implement tasks such as dog baths, maintaining your carpet and furniture upholstery after a pet “accident” and even how to concoct a delicious homemade treat – all without turning your home upside-down.

Three Things To Remember

The growing pet industry, along with its luxury and holistic product niches, is an indication of how much we dote on our furry children. Pet expert Arden Moore has a friendly reminder for pet parents who love to spoil.

A Good Deed, Indeed

It seemed only natural that Drew Grendell’s Eagle Scout project would lead him back to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. After all, his family already has several ties with the rescue group. What did the 17-year-old give back? A good night’s sleep for the rescue’s resident adoptees.

Sit! Stay! Say ‘Cheese!’

The cajoling, the firm commands to “Sit!” and the toy-waggling – anything to make your pet hold that pose while you maneuver your camera to capture the perfect shot! If you’re a pet owner, you know how challenging it can be to get a beloved pet to sit still when their mind is on anything but obliging you. We got some tips for the photographically inclined from Chicago-based photographer David Sutton, the creative mind behind the annual Dog Days calendar.