Check the Chip!



How many of you have not microchipped your little buddy? How many of you have? Don’t be shy, raise those hands up high. August 15 marked National Check the Chip Day which encourages pet owners to get their pets microchipped and, more importantly, to keep the registration up-to-date.


Microchipped dogs are more than twice as likely to be returned to their owners, and microchipped cats are more than 20 times as likely to be reunited with their owners. And when microchipped pets are not returned home, it is typically because of incorrect or missing owner information in the microchip registry, according to The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and HomeAgain.


Think of it as sending your kid to school with incorrect information on their emergency card. Yes, it’s on file but if something were to happen how would the school find you? Having a microchip that has not been registered is useless and there is no way for your pet to make their way home.


How can you avoid this? Check the chip and update your pet’s record! You will need the microchip number (if you don’t have this on hand, your local vet can scan your pet and pull it up) and to create an account with their manufacturer to access registration information. AVMA recommends pet owners make sure all of their information is correct, specifically their phone numbers and addresses.


If you’re moving don’t just remember to change your address with the post office – make sure you’re safe and check your pet’s chip today! Plus, share this post with friends so they can check their info too!


A special thank you to Texas Veterinary Medical Association who reminded us of this very important event and sent over vital info!