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Petsguide Magazine’s Canine Heritage Contest
How often do you hear well-meaning strangers ask, “What kind of dog is yours?” as they try to puzzle out your lovable mutt’s breed mix? You could settle the question once and for all. Send us a photo of your pooch and you automatically enter the Canine Heritage Contest, where you get the chance to win a FREE DNA breed test from Canine Heritage – a $120 value. Contest deadline is Oct. 15. Remember to put “CANINE HERITAGE CONTEST” in your subject line!

Pet Friendly Living
Las Brisas Del Mar – (714) 840-3990, www.forrent.com/lasbrisasdelmar
The Sandpiper – (714) 847-9595, www.forrent.com/sandpiper-hb
The Maddox – (714) 842-8788, www.forrent.com/maddox

Are you and Fido (or Fifi) looking for a new place to live? We saved you some of the work of trawling through listings to find pet-friendly apartments. Check out three Orange County-area pet-friendly living communities: Las Brisas Del Mar, The Sandpiper and The Maddox. There’s no pet rent when you move in, and large dogs are welcomed! These three locations also offer something man and man’s best friend can appreciate: lush grounds that offer acres of scenic route – vibrant grass, tall trees, and park-like settings – on which to take a walk.