Fetch This!

Why stop at playing fetch when there’s urban mushing and sheep-herding?
Petsguide Magazine Online
June 25, 2010

Nothing says dog days like the smell of summer/fall Petsguide hot off the printing press!

In this issue, writer Steve Lowery lets us know that there’s more to playing fetch with your dog. When the adventurous and creative have become mainstream, play has evolved into something more meaningful, and, ultimately mutually healthy for you both.

For example, shy dogs could benefit from socialization-centric activities such as walks to dog parks. It gives them structure and allows them the opportunity to become better adjusted.

For the adventure-driven canines and canine-parents, Lowery has got a list of unusual, challenging “dog-tivities”: sheep-herding classes (like Jerome Stewart’s Long Beach and Anaheim herding classes); doggie bootcamps that let pets and owners work out together; dog sports for the competitive pup; and even urban mushing.

Looking for a softer touch? Establishments like Chateau le Pooch and Pussy & Pooch regularly hold pet and owner socials, not to mention offer party-planning services that let you create one-of-a-kind get-togethers to celebrate your pet. Places like them also typically hold pet-friendly “yappy” hour events gathering fellow pet parents.

Of course, you’ll find more ideas throughout Petsguide. Plan your summer days with its multi-month calendar, and save big at Long Beach Metro and Orange County pet stores, pet-sitting establishments and hospital services using your Petsguide-exclusive coupons.

Pick up your free copy today at your local vet, groomer, pet boutique and other pet-friendly establishments. (Need help locating a local distributor? Contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.)