Get Your K-9 Water Caddy for Summer and Use it All Year Long

Summer is here, including playful walks, hikes and trips with your dog. Many of you have a source of water for your dog, whether a bottle you carry on your belt, a bowl or even sharing your own water source. In a pinch there is the public water source offered at dog parks and beaches, however the thought of contamination may be an issue at those sources.

How about a source of clean water just for your dog, that is convenient for you to carry and leaves your hand free? No more struggling to release the bottle banging at your thigh, getting the bowl ready or forgetting to bring the water and having to use the public source.

The ergo dynamic leash grip carries a recyclable water bottle on top of the grip and attaches to the leash with an included clip. Your dog’s water is right there on every walk.

For smaller dogs the Quik Lick Top replaces the bottle top, allowing your dog to lick all the water needed for hydration, without fuss or mess. Mid-size dogs enjoy this top as well.

For larger dogs, attach a 12oz bottle with a sports top, and you can let a large stream of water into you dogs mouth.

Either way, your K-9 Water Caddy not only provides an easy grip for your hand controlling the leash,it provides a constant available source of your dog’s personal,clean water.

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