Golden Oldies Beauty Pageant

Show off your beautiful senior dog or cat in Petsguide’s Golden Oldies Beauty Pageant!
Petsguide Magazine Online
February 2011

Go on, show off your senior pet! Email us a photo of your pal and be automatically entered in a drawing to win cool prizes. Entries will be posted on this site. Winners will be selected by readers. Keep checking this space for updates and new photo entries.

1. Reader Dee Sato, shares: “Larry is a very young, 12 years old Welsh Terrier.  I love this photo because I never knew what he looked like when I give him hugs.  After someone snapped this photo, and I saw that big, goofy smile – I see that the feeling of love between us is mutual!”

2. Tara Lupo has this to say about her pet: “Lucy-Lee-Lu-Dog-Lupo, I’ll turn 20 years young on April 1st 2011 that is when she came into my life, she is older than that, but she’ll never revile her true age.she has lived a long life and is still kickin’. she also has many talents and is educated.”

3. Amie Newberry is the proud owner of wise-looking Cabo. “Here is Cabo, a true ‘golden’ oldie, 13 years young this July. :)”

4. Amanda Wainfan is camera-friendly Scout’s owner. “Scout is 13 now and still acts like shes one! She is a wheaten terrier who seems to love me and my camera.”

5. At sweet 16, Joey is Sr. Paula Cooney‘s beloved pal.

6. Hop-py Year of the Rabbit! Davin Dawson submitted this photo of 11-year-old French bulldog Serge, dressed to welcome the 2011 Lunar New Year.

7. Martina Steege and her family adopted their bright-eyed Belgian Shepard/Chow mix, 12-year-old Morgan, almost 10 years ago.