Hospice and Home Euthanasia

When a pet is fighting a terminal disease or in the advanced stages of cancer, kidney failure or neurological disorders, there may come a point where the cost of treatment can become more than its benefit. Pet owners have the option of stopping aggressive treatment and letting their pets end their life comfortably in the surroundings of their own home through hospice care. There may also come a time when pet owners need to make the decision of euthanasia. Businesses listed in this section offer counseling concerning hospice care and euthanasia. Also see Mobile Vets listed under Veterinary Services, and Pet Loss Counseling and Support Group of Orange County listed in this section.
ASPCA Grief Counseling – Pet loss hotline and information about end-of-life care, (877) GRIEF-10, www.tinyurl.com/aspcagriefcounseling
Laura Lesneski – Pet grief life coaching by phone only, (951) 505-3942, www.petgrieflifecoach.com