Howl-iday Dos and Don’ts

Holiday Do’s and Don’ts: Five pet-friendly considerations to keep in mind

The holidays are a time to bask in the pleasures of good company and good food, and to reflect on the blessings we reaped over the year.

Before you and your family go on your merrymaking way, remember that yuletide celebrations bring with them potential hazards to your pet.



Luckily, you won’t have to worry as long as you keep the following tips in mind:

1) Keep them feisty by refraining from sharing your feast. Sometimes, we can’t resist spoiling our pets with a teeny bite of our dinner table bounty. The Safe Dog Handbook cautions against this, as certain foods are actually harmful to dogs. Among them: turkey skin; cooked turkey bones and ham bones; chocolates and raisins; and sweets that contain xylitol (a popular sweetener poisonous to dogs). Keep alcoholic beverages out of Fido’s reach, too.

2) Pretty lights, not-so-pretty dangers. Tree lights and colorful ornaments are holiday staples. Keep your home pretty and pet-safe by keeping loose cords bundled or discretely taped up to the wall. This extra precaution will help prevent electric shock accidents for curious cats and dogs tempted to chew on a cord.

3) Wrap up after wrapping. Materials such as ribbons, bows, tape, glittery tinsel and foil can pose choking hazards to animals, so be sure to clean carefully when you finish wrapping your presents.



4) Hey, that’s my spot! Avoid placing your tree at Fido’s favorite window or at Fifi’s favorite sunning spot. A tree can be knocked over by an overeager critter, said Handbook author Melanie Monteiro.

5) What’s all the commotion? Like us, our pets also get overwhelmed by the gaiety. If your cat or dog is shy around strangers, alleviate their anxieties by keeping them in a quiet, safe room while you entertain guests at your home.