Pet Care Patch Workshop for Young Animal Lovers in Long Beach

March 7: The Pet Care Patch Workshop at spcaLA is for young animal lovers, ages 6-12, who are interested in learning about proper animal care and age–appropriate animal issues. Earning this patch teaches participants more about animals, including responsible ways to care for pets and ways to help animals in their communities.

Introductory Pet Care Patch Workshop
Kids (ages 6-9) are welcome to attend the Introductory Pet Care Patch Workshop, where kids visit the shelter, learn about proper pet care, and learn how to practice safe behavior around dogs and cats. This workshop ($10) includes a tour of the shelter and interactive lessons on responsible pet care and safety around animals. It includes spcaLA give-aways and an spcaLA Pet Care iron-on patch.

Advanced Pet Care Patch Workshop
Kids (ages 9-12) are welcome to attend the Advanced Pet Care Patch Workshop, which includes a tour of the shelter and interactive lessons on responsible pet care, pet overpopulation, animal communication, and safety around animals. This workshop ($15) includes spcaLA give-a-ways and an spcaLA Friends for Life iron-on patch.

Registration comes with a pdf download of a packet of activities that participants are invited to complete before or after the workshop. Topics include:
• Taking Care of Business: Take care of a pet for two weeks. Worksheets are included in the registration packet to help the student plan and track their responsibilities.
• Adventures with My Pet: Create a scrapbook about a pet.
• One of the following:
– Making a difference; how can you support an organization in your area that helps animals?
– Possible Pets; what kinds of pets would you like to own?
– Pets and Vets; how can you make sure your pet stays healthy and happy?
– Healthy Eating; what kind of food is best for your pet?

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Saturday, 11:30 a.m – 1:00 p.m

spcaLA7700 East Spring St., Long Beach