Please Help!


A few days ago I got a call from a fellow rescuer asking for help with a momma pit and her puppy that ended up at an 80 year old womans house in Santa Ana.  This situation was described as a momma and her pup showed up one day while she was outside with her gardener around Nov 1. Recognizing they were skinny and the puppy was still trying to nurse she took them in, fed them, gave them a bath ,had momma checked for a microchip, posted flyers and went door to door trying to find the rightful owner. Unsuccessful she began calling all rescues., until she was able to reach us not a single rescue had called her back.

I spoke to her in great detail, she agreed to keep the dogs while we could find a foster or permanent home for them.  I set up the next day to meet her at her house with the dogs to temperment test them, take some photos and just see what their personalities were like.  As soon as I saw the puppy out in the back yard I could tell he was covered with Mange.  Momma is bad too but not like her baby ( see pictures ).  Puppy also had a fever and was pretty lethargic.  She had no idea what mange was and kept giving him a bath thinking his skin condition was stress.

She told me she had a home for the puppy ( her vet tech wanted the dog ) I called him to see when and if he was going to take him and that he needed to be treated  ASAP.  He without hesitation told me he wanted a healthy puppy for breeding ( ugh )

Soooo due to their condition alone I had to take them straight to the hospital for treatment.  Fortunately they were able to get them right in and intense treatment started right away.  Puppy had to be treated with antibiotic injections due to his declining condition.  Momma also has a yeast and bacterial infection on top of the mange.

We only have until Monday for them to be at this hospital and then we have no place for them to go.  They truly need to go to a home where they can be warm , safe and away from other unaltered dogs , we cannot get them fixed until they are all healed up.

Please please cross post these sweet babies or if you can help by taking them in that would be amazing.  Please know they will need medication approx 3-4 times a day because of the mange.  They are not contagious and both have auper sweet personalities.  Momma is a little head shy likely from being hit alot.

Please pass this along and help if you can .

If you would like to contribute to their care, please send any donations to

The Animal Assistance League
PO Box 38
Midway City, CA 92655
Note -Donations for Momma & Baby Pit

Thank you

Kathy Thorsell