Qualified Pet Dental

Qualified Pet Dental
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At Qualified Pet Dental, they believe that the anesthesia-free approach is often the best choice for maintaining your pet’s dental health, yet it should only be practiced by properly trained, dedicated professionals.

As a mobile provider of on-site veterinary clinics in partnership with independent pet retailers, grooming spas, and doggy daycare facilities, they specialize in anesthesia-free dental cleaning, vaccinations, and non-surgical veterinary services.

Their 7-step anesthesia-free procedure completely cleans all tooth surfaces, including below the gum line. This service also includes a wellness exam and evaluation by the staff veterinarian. Post-treatment antibiotics (when necessary) and other common Rx medications can be prescribed and dispensed on-site.

Low-cost cat and dog vaccinations are available with no package requirements and no hidden fees.

Prescription-only Comfortis, NexGard or Revolution flea protection is available, at internet-competitive pricing.