Senior-Dog Rescue

Find information and resources about adopting a senior pet. Ask rescues and shelters about senior dogs and “Seniors for Seniors” programs where adoption fees are often discounted or waived.


Bichon Rescue of OC Seniors for Seniors           
(866) 822-7909


Frosted Faces Foundation           
(715) 574-6320


Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary         
(661) 286-2066


Leave No Paws Behind


The Senior Dogs Project
Resources and information about adopting a senior dog.


Thrive Animal Rescue          
(858) 229-4972
Offers a Forever Foster program for senior dogs.


Wise Tails – A Senior Dog Sanctuary
(805) 738-8123
Wise Tails is a family-owned and operated non-profit organization. Their mission is to provide a forever home to senior dogs facing euthanasia or neglect/abuse. These seniors then live out their golden years in the sanctuary, receiving the love and care all dogs deserve.