The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Dog Outings


No, we aren’t talking about the smelly kind of do! No doggie bags required here. Today, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of dog park, beach, trail (wherever you’re going) etiquette! You can find the best spot to put these tips to use (in over 25 different cities) by clicking here!

DO: leave your Cheetos (or any other kind of human or dog food) in the car or at home. Food can be a huge distraction to pups who are there to play and even cause a scuffle. Food can wait, you won’t die — we promise.

DON’T: let your pee wee run with the big dogs — even if he has the heart of a lion. Staying in the right sized yard ensures that no one will get trampled on, chased, or terrified.

DO: take the opportunity to chat with other dog lovers. You never know you might meet your new DBFF (dog best friend forever) or find out about a new cafe in town that welcomes pets.

DON’T: use the location to socialize your pet. They should already be trained and friendly with other dogs and people prior to arrival. Forcing a skittish dog to socialize or join the pup party never ends well.

DO: help break up “packs.” Dogs get amped up when they’re in groups so take your dog for a stroll if you think the pack is getting a little too intense — teacups included.

DON’T: scoop up a small dog to protect him/her from a big dog (you’re asking to get trampled on).

DO: clean up after yourselves, and bring a few extra potty bags to share.

DON’T: discipline someone else’s dog because everyone has different ideas on what is okay. Think of pets as children—no one wants to be told how to raise their baby!

DO: relax and enjoy the excitement on your pups face as they frolic around and sniff butts.

DON’T: stress. Dogs feed off of our energy as owners and it’s important to remain calm, cool and collected.