True Blue

Are you a Blue or a Gold? Learn your own, as well as your pet’s “colors” in this entertaining personality-driven tome written by Letitia Fox.
April 28, 2010
Petsguide Magazine Online

Talk about a new spin on the phrase “true blue” friend. Canine Colors (Retail, $15) author Letitia Fox and canine expert Penny Scott-Fox pooled their backgrounds in canine behavior and personality temperament to create a color-based personality system.

They determined that human and canine traits fall under four distinct categories – Blue, Gold, Green and Orange. Easy on the eyes and easy to digest, the book and its eight personality cards (four for humans, four for canines) work as a visual aids to help pet-owners understand how certain traits can affect the compatibility between pet and pet-owner.

The system works on two levels: by outlining the most common dominant traits of man and canine, the system can be used to explain potential problems and how to best address them; or, it could be used to guide the prospective pet owner in finding the canine personality type that compliments theirs.

For example, Fox found that Green dog breeds like Australian shepherds and corgis tend to be thinkers with typical behavioral problems like escaping, aggression and displaced herding behavior. By her analysis, mental stimulation and problem-solving activities like nose-work, frisbee or competitive obedience can be viable solutions. Fox also posit that Green types can be trained to be Gold-type dogs that thrive on being useful. (According to the author’s findings, Golds are characterized by their aptitude in advanced training. Think search-and-rescue breeds like German shepherds and bloodhounds.)

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