What’s in their stocking?

Gifting is just one of many ways we express our thanks for our pets’ love and loyal companionship.
Petsguide Magazine Online
Dec. 15, 2009

We love showering our pets with colorful rubber balls, stuffed animals, and all manner of squeaky, jingling and aromatic toys. Below are some of our 2009 favorites:

For the power chewer: The Huck Ball, Hurley, Bumi, Zisc and Tux are a line of indestructible chew toys created by West Paw Design. They’re made from Zogoflex, a non-toxic, durable and eco-friendly material. The company will even replace or refund your toy if your dog actually damages it. ($8.50-$14.50)

For the puppy: Fetch Dog‘s Puppermint Chew‘s peppermint-infused rubber toy is fun and freshens doggie breath. ($13.75)

For the snacker: Toss your dog a bone, a biscuit, or specialty jerky! DogToys.com sells treats for $5 and under. See their catalog here.

For the happy hunter: We can’t have a list without the award-winning Fling-ama-String, the battery-operated toy that gets cats stalking, pouncing and leaping. The toy attaches to a standard doorknob and has two speed settings. ($25-$30)

For the sleepyhead: West Paw Design makes use of another eco-friendly technology – InteliLoft fibers – for its popular and super-comfy cat nap mats. The Eco Nap for Cat mat has been tested for more than 100 harmful chemicals and is guaranteed 100% safe. ($27.90)


Before you shop for your pets, know which products to avoid to prevent an unexpected visit to the animal emergency room. Check which toys have been deemed “no-no’s” by these reputable organizations:

Consumer Affairs (www.consumeraffairs.com) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov) have bulletins on a bevy of products that have been recalled, or are in the process of being investigated. To narrow down your pet-related research, search for “dog toys,” “cat toys” or “pets.”